This mod adds Scania T-series in ETS2 v1.25. Fully standalone mod, it doesn’t replace anything. You can find the truck from Scania dealer. Scania T Mod v2.0 has been tested in 1.25 without any other mods and it was working perfectly, game log is error free! Has not been tested in older versions of the game.


Below it is a list of update logs for Scania T Mod. This list of update logs consists of new changes, bugs fixed and any changes from an earlier version.

Version v2.0:

Updated the mod for 1.25 patch and Mighty Griffin DLC (compatibility pack will be available only at Steam Workshop)
Lowered the roof of Normal cab to make it look more realistic.
Added 4/5series side compartments.
Added more door handles + optional grab handles.
Added SaabScania front badge.
Added Euro 5 badge.
Reworked 6series interiors.
All interiors (except V8 Custom) have now beige roof and rear wall (because of realism).
Some improvements and bug fixes for 5series interiors.
Added retarder and lift axle indicators.
Added animation for Opticruise automatic mode selector.
Added more 9, 12 and 13litre engines.
Added realistic torque curves for all engines.
Added the older generation gearboxes (GR801, GR900R, GRS890R, GRS900R and GRSO900R)
Added 2.71 differential (default is 3.08, but now there is optional 2.71 for use with smaller tires).
Reworked chassis frame to make it look more realistic.
Reworked R2 sideskirts.
Reworked cover plates.
Improved R2 high bumper to make it look more realistic.
Rear mounted battery box can now be removed.
Added low deck chassis (Only 4x2. I'm not going to make 6x version, no matter how many people requests it).
Added old air hose connector.
Added stock exhaust.
Added douple tail lamps.
Added stock tail lamps without covers.
Added rear license plate lights.
Added a few new rear mudflaps.
Added Streamline LED side blinkers.
Shortened 10x and 8x chassis to make them look more realistic
Added some Scania's official metallic colors.
Reworked exhaust pipes.
Bug fixes.


Below is the list of the author or authors who created Scania T Mod.

  • RJL
  • Fordsonmies

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